Corona: GoAir decides to cut employee salaries

New Delhi: The lockdown caused by Corona Virus across the country has started showing its effect on the pockets of companies. Due to the Coronavirus, people had reduced to go to other parts of the country and were coming only when it was very important, but the way states started doing lockdown one by one from March 22, The airline was shut down for 21 days from the night of 24 March, now the impact of this has started showing in the pockets of companies.

The most effective way to prevent the spread of this dangerous Corona Virus is that all the people stay in their homes, but due to this effective method, companies have been in loss. Although the government had appealed to the companies not to make any cut in the salary of the employees living at the time of this lockdown, despite this, the airline company GoAir has decided to deduct the salary of all its employees from March. For this, information has also been given to all employees by mail.

Actually the airlines work under forward planning, people mostly go by making their booking in advance. Accordingly, the booking of hotels and other places is done. But due to the government’s advisory and this coronavirus, people are not coming anywhere and the booking that was done has also been canceled.

A GoAir spokesperson says- We have decided to cut the salary of the employees because the company is very short of cash flow, whatever booking was done has been canceled and no further booking is coming.

Other businesses with transport-related companies, including hotels, restaurants, tourism are also suffering a lot of losses, but this is the first company that has decided to cut the salary due to lockdown and coronavirus, so the days ahead it is going to be very important for companies as well and the government also needs to intervene in this matter so that businesses and employees have some kind of do not harm

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